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Sipu Semiconductor (Sipu Semiconductor) is applied to the primary energy efficient electronics supplier of high performance silicon solutions. The company's portfolio of power and signal management, logic, power MOSFET, discrete and custom devices helps customers efficiently solve their automotive, communications, computing, consumer electronics, industrial, LED lighting, medical, military, aerospace and power applications unique design challenge, both fast and cost-effective compliance.

Today's society, information society constantly advances, our lives everywhere mobile phones, home appliances, computers and peripherals, are being pursued miniaturization and lightweight. Support and implement IT machine ultra compact and light precisely IC design and development to pursue high-tech. Si Pu as a power supply with analog IC professional supplier, use the control tiny current analog technology to meet customers' needs. Only those with high power semiconductor products Si Pu order from the voltage detector, voltage regulators, DC / DC converters, power MOSFET, Schottky diodes, etc. to enrich the product range to meet customer requirements. Planning ahead of its time in order to develop the ability to achieve the development of the information society and a comfortable life.


Promote energy efficiency programs, make the world a greener and more energy-efficient;
Provide a broad portfolio of products and solutions;
To help customers solve their unique design challenges;
Operate a world-class, value-added supply chain.